People's psychological dependence on lifelike sex dolls is isolated

Now, the development trend of sex dolls is very clear, and various sex doll brands are racking their brains to focus on the material and simulation of lifelike sex dolls. With ingenuity, ingenuity, and robotics still in short supply, plowing current sex dolls as deep as possible for maximum functionality is certainly not an option, and it may leave many feeling hopeless.

However, this is still a compromise, and it is also a compromise based on the actual situation of the common people, but it is also a satisfying thing for consumers of lifelike sex dolls. The concept of physical dolls as happy adult products has changed dramatically in recent years, and owners of sex dolls are carefully considering other added values.

Men don't buy hot sex doll just for sex

The perception of owners buying hot sex doll has changed a lot as these sex dolls have become more real and realistic than many of their predecessors. In this way, many people are able to have emotional changes with them and become more emotional.

Recent stories support this view. The old man has another doll under Amway's friend. Since his wife's death, he has felt a huge emotional need. And the sex doll reminded him from time to time of his dead wife, and the resemblance made him take care of him like a wife. Their marriage had no children and no immediate family, so once his wife left, the loneliness surrounding him made him even more sad.

How wm sex doll can change your life

Once the wm sex doll entered his life, his mental state and life changed. He pays attention to his personal photos every day, prepares the clothes that the wm sex doll often wear, and enjoys family life with the sex dolls. Stories like this underscore the importance of physical wm love doll, perhaps because Asia is an important growth market for the industry. It may not be appropriate to cite such an example, but there are similar situations in Europe and the United States, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Those who feel lonely, or can't find the right partner, and want to have an intimate partner in your life.

In some cases, such as a spouse or a seriously ill patient, the ill partner will give full and sufficient consent to provide the other half with a wm real doll. In this case, it's entirely possible that most people think a sex doll is the ideal solution to a problem, it gives you a different feeling that you're always with someone.

Silicone sex doll made for loneliness

Well, those who have a rich ideal life but are bored and now want to spice up their lives with silicone sex doll have another problem. How to solve this problem? Not only can silicone sex doll be mass-produced, they also offer a variety of customization options, tailored to consumers' tastes, and everyone has their own opinion on what a silicone real doll should be. similar.

We are born alone, we are emotional from birth. From parents, relatives, friends, siblings to loved ones, we all have emotions. With the development of social times, our psychological dependence on high-rise buildings has become stronger and stronger. When we go home alone, "she" is already waiting for you, and your soul has nowhere to go.

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