What is the right realistic sex doll

What kind of realistic Pregnant sex doll is best for sex? Realistic sex doll can make you feel like someone at home and you don't have to be alone. At the same time, we can talk to you and help you get rid of post-work fatigue. .Even if she's not a real person, with her at home, a realistic love sex doll can not only do what you want her to do, but also make you feel at home. It's hard to understand when you're alone.

Slender Alluring Glamorous Love Doll

Silicone sex doll material introduction

Material Pregnant silicone sex doll are generally divided into two parts: TPE dolls and silicone dolls. Memory is a special foam made of foam. Here's an introduction to all of them:

1. The whole body of the realistic TPE sex doll is completely solid. It is made of TPE sex doll after firing and casting. The head and body are the same as a real person, and the body size and height are equal to or close to the size of a real person.

2. The wm silicone sex doll is completely solid inside the doll. The muscles and skin of the whole body are made of silicone material. Silicone wm dolls also have a bone that allows them to assume many human poses. The self-confidence of a doll is like a real man. diploma

Plump Slim Delicate Fascinating Love Doll

3. Fuwa memory is made of foam, close to the size of an adult book, the body is soft and elastic, and very light. But the skin is cloth, like a pillow. Of course, the angles of the body and limbs are abrupt and cannot reflect the beauty of the human body. The overall structure is a bit obscure and can't just imitate the human body.

The above three types of Pregnant love doll have special advantages. So what kind of sex doll is better to use? In fact, many friends have different opinions. Some people think that a simple sanhui sex doll can get a good sense of excitement and arousal. .Some people feel that only sex dolls made of silicone and TPE can find the happiness they want. Kindness seeks kindness, wise seeks wisdom, you can choose the material doll according to your needs and feelings. But you are only invited to buy TPE dolls to meet your specific needs.

Suitable for any wm doll

So who makes the easiest-to-use sex dolls? Shenzhen Yuna Technology Co., Ltd. is a certified company that manufactures and sells products for adults. After strong development, it has strong strength in domestic and foreign markets, and its products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Japan, Europe, and the United States. The material of the wm doll made by the Inura process can achieve the softness and deformation degree that is very close to the real person, the joint deformation is also very good, and the sculptural makeup of the head is very close. real people

Light purple hair Enid sweet pretty love doll

How to tell the difference between good and bad wm pregnant sex doll

1. Weight: The weight of the doll is not very heavy, between 20 kg and 30 kg. Some wm pregnant sex doll will be heavy, 80 pounds, but expensive.

2. The main part: only the lower part of the pregnant silicone sex doll is made of TPE material, which is divided into single tube and double tube.

3. Smell: silicone real doll, no special smell, no plastic smell. However, poor quality real life black sex doll will have an unpleasant plastic smell. So, when shopping, ask the seller about the quality of the product, if it smells of plastic, etc.

Busty Enormous Breast Sexy Love Doll

How to get the most out of realistic big booty sex doll

First, take the received sex big booty tpe real doll to the bathroom and clean the Asian Sex Doll. To physically soften the doll's body, the TPE contents contain many oils. Over time, the oil will come in the form of big booty sex doll. As a result, dolls often require a physical bath to remove grease. The anatomy of the physical big booty sex doll is set to mimic human behavior. Bending the arms and legs or applying too much force can cause injury or damage to the internal structure, shortening its lifespan. Otherwise, the body is torn apart beyond repair. When the joints bend, wrinkles appear on the surface of the skin, and as they expand, the wrinkles slowly heal. When storing, a good way to do this is to straighten your limbs and face the sky.

More real human sex doll are introduced here

Realistic sex doll need to be re-recognized by everyone

The complexity of lifelike sex doll skin

Who invented lifelike sex doll-1

These three factors affect the lifespan of lifelike sex doll

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