Choose a realistic sex doll that suits you best

Many people are very confused when choosing wm realistic sex doll, so we provide consumers with the following options.

Love doll skin color choices

Now our love doll have skin tones, pale skin, a little red and white. This is the result of increased body size and significantly improved vision. There are also many international corn husks that have been adopted by many homeowners. There's also a yellow case that looks like silicone and is close to actual skin tones. The best option is light skin, which is what most people choose, with light skin in nine of Una's ten photos. Like a cherry blossom with a hint of white snowflakes, white and red are so beautiful.

slender sexy alluring love doll

Material selection of realistic tpe sex doll

Currently, the body material for all new realistic tpe love doll is "TPE" and there are currently no other options. There are also some physical tpe sex doll, such as "xx material" and "xx imported material". TPE is soft to the touch, but it also loses its softness, that is, when the weather is dry, you need to pay more attention to maintenance, otherwise the skin will crack and dry. Also, some imperfections are easily removed from scratches and stains and require extra attention.

Silicone wm sex doll Head and Figure Statue

Iman and Ju Xiaoyu were Yuna's first silicone sculptors, with adult destinations, some grumpy white workers and young women. Later, Meng Fan and Xiao Ming painted the neighbor's brother's face, which made people feel very close. Eugenia is currently considered the most innovative, her classic, unique style is very unique and popular. Yikou and Xinyao are full of wm Silicone Sex Doll, but Yikou blames himself. I personally prefer Meng Fan and Yu Jia, so I suggest you consider these two vertical sculptures. In addition, it is not recommended to engrave avatars with large chests, which are not uniform. Users who buy realistic wm silicone love dolls can work independently. New colorful wigs and new head shapes will bring people a new experience. eyes, hair, etc. Everything is your personal preference and you can customize it to your liking.

plump cute sexy slim love doll

Chinese wm doll joints

Personally suggest that the first joint of a wm doll is very important. A loose joint can repair and shape the sacrum, but the sacrum is not good. However, if you decide to buy another realistic wm doll, you can buy a loose joint. Loose joints, even if not firm, are more comfortable than tight joints. Ignoring flexible joints, vertical work is recommended. If you don't have a regular job and try hard, the soles of your feet will get tired.
Fur products are always new, whether it is the previous TPE chinese sex doll head carving or the current silicone head carving, they are constantly updated according to industry trends.

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