The complexity of lifelike sex doll skin

This time, let's talk about lifelike sex doll skins. The reason, of course, is that we started creating "scratch marks" on some lifelike real doll. A scar doesn't mean it's causing a problem, but it has a special effect on the skin on a lifelike sex doll. As we all know, our general factory lifelike love doll are fair and smooth skin. However, the nature and feel of the effect is worse. After all, no matter how good the skin is, girls will still see skin lines and blood vessels. What about us sex dolls with "insects"? Please see the picture below

fatty plump sexy C cup love doll

In the picture, we can see that the body of this hot sex doll is different from my previous sex doll, like the hands here. The hands of our last hot real doll were smooth but twisted. It's different now, we put a special coating on the hands of the hot love doll, which must be done when the sex dolls first come out of the mold. With the help of our makeup artist, this coating begins to create a skin structure that resembles a human hand, the roughness of which is visible to the naked eye. There are also slightly visible veins under the skin, all done in the same way as real blood vessels.

Hot sex doll also have blood vessels in their legs

Let's look at the legs again. Do the same thing with the legs in the hands. In terms of look and feel, we achieved a true skin look. By touching certain lines of the skin, blood vessels sometimes appear. But looking rude doesn't mean feeling rude. We are also very smooth and sensitive when we touch this silicone sex doll. For example, on the knees, we also did the surface textures, like the folds of the skin and the color of the actual knees, and so did the curves. These two hamstrings are where our leg muscles tighten and protrude.

Dark skin slender slim Denise big eyes love doll

TPE sex doll boobs are also great

Next look at the skin on the chest and the color of the R on the head. We all know that the breasts of adult women are hemispherical and R-shaped, and the red skin between the head and the skin is called the areola. A woman's breast has the richest blood vessels, so the skin structure of the breast is a test of the makeup artist's control and skills. If you do less, you will lose the beauty of proper skin texture. Too much, too dense, is extremely harmful to beauty. Due to the irregularity of the breasts here, the skin texture is difficult to achieve.

The R and R halo heads don't take up space, but are more complex in color and texture. We choose to do tpe sex doll structure and perfect operation, so the R and R halo heads are made according to customer requirements, refer to the real object. For example, if we use spray paint, the color is not too bright pink, but closer to the real thing. The feeling of post-pigmentation disappears. (experience knows)

170cm Hermosa blue eyes musclar slim love doll

From body bones, materials, makeup, etc., to now we have begun to simulate human skin for puppets, and our exploration has never stopped. Every technological advance brings improvements in product details and user experience. If one day we can see adult robots, I am afraid that the current tpe real doll are really the forerunners!

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