The Story of a lifelike sex dolls Therapist

Some of the more advanced sex doll products cannot be replaced normally, so you can only find foreign doll repairers. Slade Fiero used to be a professional lifelike sex dolls restorer with countless dolls in his hands. In his ten years of work, he repaired more than 100 expensive sex toys. Overuse is just one of the main causes of physical damage to sex dolls during recovery, as well as improper storage, he said.

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Professional Sayings from a Sex love doll Therapist

Slade Fiero explains that sex love dolls can last a long time if they are properly cared for. For example, improper storage of sex dolls can lead to dents on the body that can become irreversible scars over time. The areas that can cause the most damage are active joints, such as the underarms, crotch, behind the knees, and the armpits of the elbows. Not all repairs are as easy as using repair glue or replacing damaged parts, he added.

According to Slade Fiero, he sometimes gets so many damaged love dolls that he refuses to fix it while it's being made. He recalled that he had a very rude client who deliberately pulled his left leg away from his body, which he believed made him uncomfortable because he might be at risk of violence. He also saw many sex love dolls being treated badly and not properly maintained!

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Having Slade Fiero as a professional sex love doll repairer has been a fun experience, and Slade understands that repairing physical sex hot sex doll is an experience that many people want to try, including themselves. Maintenance is a big deal when it comes to hot sex doll, especially since these hot sex doll look so real.

Are used hot sex doll any good?

Now retired, before starting his career as a sex doll restorer, he decided to own a beautiful mannequin, for which he bought a used sex bbw sex doll on eBay and contacted the sex bbw sex doll factory for sex doll restoration tools. That's when Slade Fierro started working as a bbw sex doll restorer. Because he works with a local doctor and has some physical experience, the sex dolls he recovers tend to recover well.

How does Slade Fiero restore sex dolls? He first visited the production process of the doll with the workers of the mini sex dolls factory, which led to his first attempt to restore the mini sex dolls. The first mini sex dolls he repaired was a damaged head, and he posted a video on his website. He used several tools around the sex doll's head, like a human surgeon.

He posted his mini sex dolls idea online

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This has made his mini sex dolls restoration videos very popular online due to his wonderful creative content and novelty. One year, his sex doll restoration process was included in a well-known magazine, and the response was enthusiastic. He felt that he could become an expert in restoring physical mini sex dolls. In his previous career, the people he met were born so the chances of novelty were slim, and Slade Fierro made a lot of money by putting fully restored dolls for sale on eBay.

Slade Fiero, who has never had any issues with the work he does, jokes that a room full of mini sex dolls makes him popular with women. He believes that the purpose of buying sex dolls is to address physiological needs. However, having been a puppet restorer for more than ten years, he does not think that a puppet and a robot are a match made in heaven, nor does he think that there is any immortal thing that can replace the warmth of human beings.

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