What kind of life like sex doll is best for men?

Many people are more casual when choosing life like aldult sex doll. They think that sex dolls are all the same and the photos are deceptive. This is because they think top 1 life like sex doll are inflatable dolls, not real dolls. With the development of the times, the production technology of life like grown-up sex dolls is getting better and better, and the actual super real life like sex doll on our dldollshop sex doll website are not much different from the photos! ! !

Jenny-firtatious quiet attractive love doll

Why choose to buy silicone sex dolls?

For lonely people, real life silicone dolls can make them feel: as if there is one more person at home, you don't need to be lonely, and at the same time, you can chat with you, and accompany you to relieve the fatigue after a work, and you are angry all day outside , you can come to the house and someone will tell you. Silicone sex dolls can give them the ultimate sex for those with high libido, you can have sex with your Silica gel sex doll in any position. Silica gel sex doll Although she is not a real person, but with her at home, silicone sex dolls can not only do what you like to do with you, but also give you the feeling of being at home. It's hard to understand when you feel alone.

Una-beautiful realistic little princess love doll

What are the main differences between japanese sex dolls

Japanese doll sex toy are mainly divided into two types: realistic tpe love doll and silicone sex dolls. There is also a special type of sex dolls made of memory foam, which are introduced below:ps(We didn't make memory foam sex dolls)

1. The whole body of the TPE doll is completely sexual. It is made of TPE material after melting and pouring. The whole body is very similar to human skin. The alloy bones installed inside can imitate 99% of the human body posture. The head and body are similar in appearance to the real person, and the body size and height are the same as or close to the size of the real person.

2. Silicone doll hot sex are also completely sexual inside. The muscles and skin of the whole body are made of silicone materials. The silicone dolls are also equipped with alloy bones, which can do many human poses. The fidelity of the dolls is very similar to that of real people. Degree.

Empathetic shy Clara 158cm love doll

3. Fuwa is made of memory foam for sex. After sex, the volume is close to the size of an adult. The body is soft and elastic, and it is very light. But the skin is cloth and feels like a pillow. The angle of the body and limbs is obviously abrupt, and it cannot show the beauty of the human body. The overall shape is relatively rough, and it can only simply simulate the structure of a human being.

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