Who invented lifelike real doll

 As soon as many people hear about lifelike sex doll, they think it is a pornographic item, a dirty thing, and it is true. Ninety percent of lifelike sex doll gamers treat them as sex toys, and 1 percent of gamers treat them as loved ones. When you know these things, you might think that lifelike sex doll are a modern invention for lonely men. sex toys, but in fact, these lifelike sex doll have been around for a long, long time.

sexy alluring beautiful love doll

Hitler and hot sex doll

Many people say that these beautiful hot sex doll originally came from Hitler, this article from dldollshop will unravel the secret between Hitler and hot sex doll. In this fast-moving internet age, your hot sex doll almost seem like they're back in simpler times, and they're, as it turns out, simpler times. Here are five of the weirdest facts in this article:

Five Wonders of American sex dolls

"The most authoritative account of the origin of American sex dolls is that Adolf Hitler commissioned one of his SS commanders to design American sex dolls for German soldiers during World War II to prevent them from indulging in lust for non-Aryan women."

"A gardener was reportedly found in 1877 trying to refit with a replica Milo Venus American sex dolls." That doesn't sound very comfortable.

"Sailors often make adulterous european sex doll out of fabric, called dame de voyage in French and dama de viaje in Spanish." That sounds more comfortable.

coquettish lifelike sexy alluring love doll

"Man Ray once claimed that the Surrealists not only infused these works with eroticism, but also 'violated' their mannequins themselves." Gives new meaning to the no-touch art european sex doll.

“The first time irontech sex doll were advertised in pornographic magazines in the United States was around 1968, when it was legal to sell sex supplies by mail.” In the future, irontech sex doll will be delivered by drone.

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