Who made lifelike sex doll

Some people despise lifelike sex doll players, but their girlfriends in bed are leaking. Today dldollshop would like to talk to you about the sex dolls behind the otaku.

European Sex Slave Love Doll

Hitler invented the black sex doll

This is the post I have seen the most, and I was very puzzled at the time. This black sex doll that comforts thousands of single men is actually from the hand of the war madman Hitler?

In Germany at the time of the war, men fought outside for a long time. Some were virgins at the age of 16 or 17, and some were groomsmen who had just married and had not yet bridal chambers. With a long period of repression, the soldiers' desire for sex became stronger and stronger. After the German army occupied France, the German officers and soldiers searched for flowers and willows, which also led to the soldiers not actively fighting, or raping women from good families after occupying the city, and so on. Before the war was over, the Germans were going to be in a tailspin. To save this situation, Hitler invented lifelike black sex doll.

Asian Short Hair Love Dolls Skinny Athletic Girl

What should a celebrity sex doll look like?

Hitler believed that if sex dolls could not be made to make soldiers interesting, then these toys would have no value, so the biggest question at the time was, what should celebrity sex doll look like to make everyone interesting? This is what Hitler thought. They found the famous Hungarian actress Kas von Nagy and hoped to design celebrity sex dolls based on her. Nagy expressed her honor and accepted it, so this celebrity sex doll named "Gynoid" was born.

Young Looking Celebrity Sex Doll Brave Golden Pupil Girl

Hot sex dolls get tired of playing

Over time, the "Hot sex dolls" became less fresh. Many soldiers were embarrassed to carry the "masturbation object" with them and refused to use it. On the other hand, German officers were also worried that once these "Hot sex dolls" were captured by the enemy on the battlefield, the Germans would become the object of ridicule around the world. In the end, the "Borghild" plan was cut in half.

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