Why are realistic sex doll so expensive?

There is a saying in China that value determines price. Although our realistic sex doll are very expensive, they are of very good quality. The most important thing is that they can restore the feeling of having sex with women.

Roberta-pink beauty sexy attractive love doll

Are there many sex doll manufacturers in China?

At present, there are many manufacturers of sex dolls in China, but they are not very famous, so there are few independent brands. At present, the most famous ones are the sex doll manufacturers we cooperate with: wm doll, dl doll, sanhui doll, etc. Wait, the sex dolls produced by several of their companies are of very high quality. Here we mainly introduce our sanhui doll to you.

Hulda-cute foxy coquettish sexy love doll

sanhui's mini sex doll products

Sanhui's mini sex doll are mainly all silicone, silicone head + TPE and full TPE three types, in addition to many types, most of sanhui's sex dolls provide customized services, such as hairstyle, pupil color, nail color, and some can even customize skin color and makeup. The most important thing is that the sanhui mini sex doll is very cost-effective, and the price is moderate compared to similar products, but the real thing received is amazing! After all, the price and quality of mini sex doll vary.

Such a high-value japanese sex doll, in addition to solving our physical needs, can also accompany us at every moment, giving us a spiritual sustenance, such a caring "girlfriend", no matter what, you have to take one home.

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