Description of European Love Dolls

As a most realistic sex doll sales company, we sell various styles of uk love dolls. This category is mainly composed of European real dolls, including blow up UK Sex Dolls, Paris Hilton Sex Doll, Germany Sex Doll. Our research found that Europeans have the following characteristics: white skin, thicker hair, red or blond hair, etc.our series of sex dolls will also be dominated by blonde hair love dolls and white skin real dolls.

UK sex doll prices

Many people say why the price of European sex dolls is so expensive, we give the answer for the following reasons:
1.Different from Japanese sex dolls, there are many European countries. We need to produce our European sex dolls according to the characteristics of people in different countries. It took a lot of time to research.
2.We are selling the most authentic European dolls instead of inflatable dutch wives sex dolls . Compared with inflatable dolls, the france sex dolls we make are more realistic. We believe that you also want a dutch wife sex doll that can restore the real feeling of sex.
3.In the category of European real dolls, you can see more European style fat sex dolls, because Europeans are heavier than Asians, and the cost of producing European sex dolls is higher.

History of European real Dolls

In the earliest days, we called emo sex dolls Dutch wives because the Netherlands was the birthplace of European 100cm sex doll uk. The Netherlands, the maritime hegemon at that time, made simple sex dolls in order to appease their crew members and allow them to enjoy sex at sea. With the rise of manufacturing, these uk real doll have become more and more realistic, and we now prefer to call them "physical sex dolls france." The styles of our silicone sex doll are diverse, and more and more European elements are added to them. Dldollshop hopes to make products that make all male compatriots happy, whether it is American sex doll or dutch wife love doll, we will do our best

91 artículos

91 artículos