Fat sex doll knowledge classroom

When more and more people are discussing fat sex doll, it means that the era of fat sex doll has come. Otherwise, why do so many people want to consult relevant information about fat sex doll? In fact, with the advancement of science and technology, the dolls today have already been made very delicate, and they are obviously different from the inflatable dolls we used to know. The difference I am talking about is not only in appearance, but also in function. Some people even think Ask the question about whether the various functions of fat sex doll are good or not, then many people must feel that when they are with female sex doll now, they feel that there is no difference between being with a real person.

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The workmanship of female sex doll

Nowadays, many female sex doll are very exquisite in workmanship, which makes many people feel that they are very similar to real people. We call this type of sex dolls real female sex doll. Their production process is quite complicated, and they are usually modeled by real people, so their appearance is exactly the same as real people, very similar. And she is not just some simple outlines, she even does some subtle movements and some subtle details very well. For example, we can see that the current artificial skin can already have details such as skin pores and blood vessels, and even some hairs are imitated very carefully, and there are functions such as voice and dialogue.

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Heating function of big booty sex doll

The reason why many people buy big booty sex doll is because they feel that they need strong sexual stimulation. If you buy a sex doll, the more functional it is, the better your sexual experience will be, there is no doubt about it. Now that winter is here, and affected by the weather, some people are already asking whether big booty sex doll are good for heating. This means that there are actually a lot of big booty sex doll. They not only have the function of intelligent dialogue, but also have the function of raising body temperature. For many people, it is very necessary for the functions of big booty sex doll to be complete.

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