The development of realistic sex doll (4)

There are many reasons to buy a realistic sex doll, including having sex, missing a deceased wife, infertility, or more, but for the narrow-minded, realistic sex dolls represent porn. They are nasty. But the same is true of many things, 90% of people use realistic sex doll as a tool for sexual vent. As part of our history, we need to know a little bit about realistic sex dolls, and to that end, we've created a timeline of the development of sex toys tiny dolls.

pink beauty sexy attractive love doll

Skinny sex doll on the movie screen

1975 — The Stepford Wife premieres. This is a movie about a man and a skinny sex doll. It's about a guy in Old Town Stephen Connecticut who has beautiful "Dutch wives" who are absolutely perfect because they're a bunch of realistic skinny sex doll that people can set up to their liking, whether it's Hair color, pupils, breasts or ass. It's the perfect sex toy that causes creepy things to happen in an otherwise peaceful little village. Villagers fight over the perfect wife, leading to the demise of an ancient town.

beautiful alluring gorgeous busty love doll

The first robot 170cm sex doll comes out

In the early 1980s, with the advancement of science and technology, the requirements of human beings for 170cm sex doll were also increasing, and people were no longer satisfied with 170cm skinny love dolls made of cloth strips or vines. This also spawned the first robotic 170cm realistic love doll. For obvious reasons, the 170cm sex toys plush doll company named it the "36C" sex robot. In addition, he has a miniature language input system to react raw to voice and button input. This also means that the role of these sex doll robots is not just sex!

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