Will couples be ruined by doll hot sex?

This interesting topic came from a forum thread that described it as "I have a wife, but my sex life with my wife is not very coordinated, I am very sexually demanding, but my wife is a little bit cold, I want to buy A doll hot sex, but I'm afraid my wife will divorce me"

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Owning a love doll will not affect the marriage relationship?

This is the answer given by our dldollshop. According to big data, most people who buy love doll are single people, but some are married, or have a girlfriend or boyfriend. For people who have a partner, the main reason for buying sex dolls is that their sex life is not coordinated. Some are because of business trips and cannot have sex, and some are because of different views on sex. No matter what the reason, owning a love doll is a Will not lead to the breakdown of the marital relationship.

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WM doll boost married life

WM real doll are a substitute for users in real life. This is actually quite similar to the psychology of love, but it is more inclined to possess and control a person. He may have suffered setbacks in life and feelings, and it is difficult to establish a better realistic relationship, or some psychological needs cannot be satisfied in reality, so in a world with dolls, this part of the fantasy can be satisfied. Another feature of sex dolls is that they are at the mercy of the owner, who has a control over the doll, which is a bit like a SM (sadistic) plot. Some people may not be able to express their desires with a real partner, and he can get this satisfaction from a doll.

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The following content is excerpted from the bbw sex doll user quotes

1.I bought a bbw sex doll because my wife was on a business trip. When she was not at home, I really wanted to have sex, but my conscience would not allow me to cheat. Once again, by chance, I bought a sex doll. My wife and I have a problem with this The sex dolls are all very satisfied.

2.I bought a small sex doll, of course I didn't buy it because I was a pervert, I wouldn't do anything with little girls, I bought this sex doll mainly because my daughter died, I went to DIY a sex doll online, This doll looks like my daughter, I often take her out for shopping, and now, I even want to take her to school

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