156cm-160cm Sex Doll With Her Master

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You Can DIY XY Sex Dolls in Our Love Doll Store

As a best 156cm chiseled love doll shop, we provide diy function, you can mix and match any 157cm abyss sex doll you like, no matter it is hair, height, appearance, areola or other, it will be a great experience. When the courier arrives at your home, you will see a unique 158cm spring blooms real doll, which is from your hand, a 159cm xy sex doll that is 100% made according to your preferences, which will make you the happiest man.

How to make your own sex doll genie

The first is to choose a height that suits you. You can choose a 155cm sex doll porn or a blow up 165cm real doll. They can satisfy every man with the most perfect sex position.Second, choose the sex doll head that suits your style, we have best sex dolls of various styles, including bad dragon real doll, ball jointed love doll, $1000 sex dolls.Of course hair is also important, and the hottest thing right now is the auburn-haired sex doll, which is pretty cool.Finally, there are cups and butts. Everyone has their favorites. Some people like flat chest sex dolls, some people like small butt sex dolls, no matter what, you like it. As for other details, you can click on the product and go to the page to choose.

237 items

237 items