How to make my chinese sex doll perfect

Men are fancy animals, they like freshness, so you also need to keep your top 1 chinese sex doll fresh at all times. You can make up, wear pendants, and stickers, so that you can enjoy a completely different every time. It's like having sex with a lot of women again.

Ornament your chinese sex doll

Merry-noble pretty lovely love doll

You will definitely feel sorry for your chinese love doll, just like you feel sorry for your wife for a night, our sex doll can not only provide you with the best sex, but also accompany you for a lifetime, talk with you, go shopping with you, watch with you television. Many people will ask after buying realist chinese sex doll from us, what accessories do I need for my sex dolls? I think it would be great to wear earrings, bracelets, etc. to your sex doll that will turn your sex doll into a full-fledged woman! !

Makeup for your european sex doll is also a good option

Exquisite lifelike Daisy 168cm love doll

Speaking of european real doll, we've been mulling over them for a long time, and we can see that they're full of delicate makeup and beautiful long hair that will brighten and delight your eyes. But please note that the doll's makeup is the same as the real thing. With the passage of time, the makeup on the european love doll may fall off, which requires you to artificially make it up. Don't be too troublesome. Do you want your girlfriend to wear makeup and have sex with you, or a yellow-faced woman with you? What about making love? I think it's very simple.

Of course, there are a few things to avoid with doll makeup - try to avoid oily colors and liquid makeup. This can leave stains on the beautiful european sex doll skin. Avoid using cosmetics that contain fluorescent ingredients. Fluorescent materials reflect light and do not give a perfect picture. It is also very difficult to remove the fluorescent material from the skin of the doll. How to remove makeup for dolls? Very easy to remove makeup. Just pour the make-up remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe, and the doll's skin will recover.

Plus stickers for mixed race sex dolls

Fashionable alluring Ada 158cm love doll

You can choose tattoo stickers or other stickers, we have a very funny client who dresses his sex doll like a gangster, it really makes me laugh, just think about it, come back from work every day and you can What a fun mixed race real dolls experience it would be to see a full body tattooed gangster mixed race sex dolls in front of you and you can ravage your sex doll wantonly! ! ! !

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