Love knows no bounds: Marrying lifelike sex dolls may not be uncommon

Every day, we get a lot of information on the Internet, and there are still some strange and compelling topics in it. But in Hong Kong, when news of 36-year-old Xie Tianrong and her married lifelike sex doll was reported by the media, the news didn't materialize. Very suspicious. The origin of the story is that in 2019, when Mr. Xie was watching online, he suddenly saw the introduction of the lifelike real dolls.

Bushy black hair Ethel 167cm beautiful love doll

For Xie, who has been single for a long time, the existence of lifelike love dolls has opened the door to a whole new world for him. Since then, he has decided to let lifelike sex dolls come into his life. As a result, now that they are married, he spent two years interacting with sex dolls and learning to take care of them. During this time, he developed an emotional bond with sex dolls that became indispensable in his life. in.

Mr. Xie and the life of a silicone sex doll

According to the press release, Xie has been in a relationship for a long time, but is now obsessed with silicone sex doll. He would buy fashionable shoes, clothes, and even expensive jewelry to dress himself up. Xie should never comment on his spiritual partner and say he doesn't want to. Irregularities. Judging from the words used in the interview, Mr. Xie was a polite person, and previously listed the executive saying that you never kissed your "partner".

coquettish lifelike sexy alluring love doll

In his opinion, it doesn't matter if "she" is really or not, and it doesn't matter if "she" won't find him. The important thing is that it will be the most perfect soul. My partner is thankful, it is worth relying on. The interviewer was sure that some girls would like his gentle and honest appearance, but unfortunately he wasn't there.

According to media reports, Xi Jinping took good care of his "partners". It will be cleaned, groomed and replaced regularly to keep it clean and beautiful. But we also noticed that a silicone love doll is a great spiritual friend. "She's been by my side no matter what my circumstances are, and I've been deeply touched these two years, in success and failure," and our influx. Together, it brings us closer together. "

Celebrities also marry hot sex doll

From the above example, it is very interesting that the marriage relationship between people and hot sex doll seems to be a strange phenomenon, and outsiders do not look at these things with curiosity. Last November, the Kazakh bodybuilder married the hot love doll at his private wedding, which was due to take place in late 2019 but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

sexy alluring beautiful love doll

"Marco" hot real doll also have their own Instagram page, sharing details of their lives, and on their wedding day, he posted a little wedding video that everyone eagerly watched and shared with millions. frequently. These new types of intimacy also allow us to see more possibilities for hot sex doll.

In the process of the development of a diversified society, one day we can freely inspire and choose the other half, without restricting the communication between people, as long as this relationship is healthy, it can make people positive and sunny.

Why do they like physical big booty sex doll? The truth of the matter is that sex doll lovers have plenty of reasons to tell. But everyone has different reasons, some might give someone trouble, and a sex doll can help him. Some people may be obsessed with robots or anime, so dolls are a good option for them.

tender slender glamorous love doll

While some people may be unable to face life due to physical illness or limitations and may feel lonely, in this case sex dolls are a beacon for them when they are alone.

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