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The current products of dldollshop are mainly divided into several series of realistic tpe sex doll. Let me first reveal that I have quietly planned a new series, so stay tuned. The S series mainly has four body shapes of 148cm, 158cm, 160cm and 165cm and 7 kinds of tpe realistic sex doll heads including Harmon, Gu Xiaoyu, Mengfan, Yujia, Yiku, Xiaomeng and Xinyao. The actual engraving of the tpe love Doll head is basically the style of Sister Neighbor and Sister Yu. The lack of head carving is temporary, and the new series will have more and more varieties, even lollipops. The price is usually proportional to the height, so 155cm is the cheapest, and the most people buy it (the Lolicon Lolita head carving can be changed). I generally recommend 155cm love doll to doll owners. Let's discuss the new wool product in detail below.

Cute Beautiful Alluring Paula Love Doll

155cm tpe love doll

The height of the tpe 155cm sex doll is of course 155cm, which is equivalent to the average height of underage girls in the country. It's just that the realistic 155cm love doll is in good shape. The legs are 83cm long, very well-proportioned and not too thick. Rather than imitating young girls, it is a diorama cast by a real person and then scaled.

gorgeous glamorous sexy beautiful love doll

Asian tpe sex doll with small and big tits

The height difference mentioned above is the base of the Asian tpe sex doll. The biggest difference between real female tpe sex doll bodies is the size of their breasts. Normal breasts, medium breasts and noticeably bigger breasts! At present, 148's figure is only medium chest. In fact, despite her average breast size of 148, her bust size is already 77 unscientific. It's even worse if she has big breasts. (Incidentally, from a gaming standpoint, the mid-chest model meets the needs of most realistic queen sex doll owners.) A really great breast control option 148 mid-chest samples should suffice. If you want to hurry up, the owner of the special puma swede sex doll can go to 155 big breasts.

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