The development of realistic sex doll (3)

Many people blushed when they saw realistic sex doll and said, "Ugh! realistic sex doll? They're so creepy, disgusting, and weird!" But the heart is honest: what a beautiful sex toy, I seem to fuck her. It is indeed the case. Although the society is becoming more and more open, realistic sex doll are always filthy objects in people's mouths. Let's uncover the figurines of realistic sex doll.

pink beauty sexy attractive love doll

Questions about making bbw sex doll

The sculptor Arthur Link is the bbw sex doll player who I think has the most correct views. Arthur Link owns three bbw realistic sex doll, type A: bust 168 cm. Type B: 176 and Type C: 182 cm. According to Rink, when the three realistic bbw sex doll were made, everyone had different opinions. Arthur Link believed that the breasts of young bbw sex doll need to be round and full, and the breasts of sex dolls are what men value most. And Dr. Olen Hannussen insists on the buttocks of female sex doll. The doctor believes that women's ass is the second face of women. When making bbw female sex doll, they must be made into a "rose hip shape, which can be very good." grip". As for the face, opinions were fairly consistent, with the team agreeing that it needed a cheeky and playful look. In order to make the most perfect female bbw sex doll of the modern age, they asked to exchange the face of popular actress Käthe von Nagy for the realistic female sex doll, but she refused. In the end, they chose to use the "artificial face of desire" to make the face of the female big sex doll. They believed that "the doll has only one purpose, and she should not be a substitute for the honorable mother in the family..."

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The most perfect modern american sex doll is born

With the German view of Americans, the first american sex doll was finally born with the American look, she was a tall, long-legged blonde, and as for her figure, I had an erection just thinking about it. Borghild's first model, completed in September 1941. Later, this realistic american sex doll appeared in American newspapers again and again, and Borghild lived up to the expectations and completed sexual intercourse with hundreds of men. This is the first american female sex doll to conquer the world.

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