The development of realistic sex doll (5)

Regardless of the era, realistic sex doll are a symbol of filth. People's first reaction to seeing her is, porn, crazy sex. The fact is that most people regard her as a love doll. Even if many people don't understand her, they still can't obliterate her history. Next, let's go back to the past and uncover the history of realistic sex dolls together.

Outdoor decoration Afra sexy lovely love doll

Gynoid - the name of a realistic bbw sex doll

Back in 1985, in order to protect their rights, women created a new word "Gynoid" for bbw sex toys girl dolls, disgusting, right? This word is the rejection of realistic bbw sex doll by women at that time. They believed that the appearance of bbw realistic love doll would lead to the extinction of the world, and men would no longer work seriously, and would no longer marry normal women and have children. The birth of bbw real doll moved men to the bed. Yes, the bed became the main battleground for men who had sex with fat bbw sex doll so crazy that the land was deserted.

Janet-exotic coquettish attractive sexy love doll

UK bans xy dirty sex dolls

In the summer of 1987, the UK project to ban dirty xy sex dolls ran aground. In 1982, a campaign to try to stop the xy sex doll industry from playing a stand was officially launched. The British government tried to prevent the production and sale of xy bbw sex dolls in order to alleviate the problem of social labor. Court proceedings for import bans on articles. This is the first time in human history that a realistic xy sex doll has been brought to court. Incidents like this are undoubtedly moving the cake for xy sex toyssex dolls makers. Sex doll makers have joined forces with men across the UK to fight back, with the most popular in 1987 winning the case to lift all bans. This opened the floodgates for all the perversions in England, leading to the famous cry: "The British are coming! The British are coming!"

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