The global epidemic is tense, and sex dolls replace prostitutes

In Western mythology, since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, an inseparable relationship has been established between men and women. As the saying goes, men want to marry and women want to marry, but not all young people who are marriageable can meet their beloved at the right time.

Annabelle-ultra plump realistic sexy love doll

Pandemic makes mini sex dolls more popular

Especially recently, due to the impact of the epidemic, it has become difficult to go out and socialize. So, someone turned their attention to sex doll, which cannot communicate with humans but at least address some of their emotional deprivation and physical needs.

Sex dolls have always been popular and bestsellers in the UK. According to the British "Daily Star" report, global adult products supplier CEO Gabriela Rocha (Gabriela Rocha) found that sales of asian sex doll have increased significantly during the epidemic, and further updated existing products and said that they will be upgraded.

Moira-plump lady sexy heavy lifelike size love doll

American sex doll are growing fast

Their website has also searched thousands of "sex dolls" over the past few months. Gabriela said: "In recent years, people's ideas have become more and more open. If you are single or not sure about the opposite sex, medium breast sex doll are the best choice."

In view of the current huge market demand, the company has also started to move quickly and strive to optimize product quality. The sex dolls they make are more realistic and people will feel more naturally "used".


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