The history of the development of lifelike sex doll

Humans have been using lifelike sex doll for a long time. Is this fancy masturbation, or something more disturbing?

The Story of Pygmalion and the hot sex doll

Pygmalion, the sculptor, carved a statue of a charismatic woman. With a handsome face and a plump figure, she is so beautiful. Sure enough, he fell in love with her, prayed every day that she would become a reality, and finally his wish was fulfilled. The statues carved by Pygmalion were turned into lifelike hot sex doll, and they lived happily ever after. Since it was first published as part of Ovid's epic The Metamorphoses in AD 8 Pinocchio, Frankenstein, My Fair Lady and the '90s makeover film She Is Everything, many people have fallen in love with this lifelike hot sex doll with humans In the story of love, many directors have remade this classic movie with "The Life of a Sex Doll".

Modern people buy f cup sex doll

Over time, hot f cup sex doll have become more and more prominent in people's lives, and more people use these sex toys. But most lifelike f cup sex doll buy sex dolls for one reason: to have sex with them. This is the result of big data. Unlike Dave Carter, I think he is the true modern heir to Pygmalion. He lives in southeastern Michigan and owns three high-end f cup sex doll. His first purchase, which he named Sidore Kuroneko, whom he believed to be his wife; the other two — named Elena and Muriel — were just close friends. Although not carved by him, they are his work. He designed their bodies before making them and their personalities after they arrived. "There was never a moment when [Sidore] -- or any f cup sex doll, for that matter -- was just an object of mine," he told me when we talked last year.

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