The movie Yona: Air lifelike sex dolls looks great, but it's actually weird.

Dldollshop has written stories about other people in the world living with sex dolls before. In fact, there are many movies and TV dramas about lifelike sex dolls. Today Yuna brings you Japanese movies. The Japanese movie Air lifelike sex dolls is a movie about fake lifelike sex dolls, based on the famous short cartoon, a silly Pinocchio-style drama with strong Japanese sensuality and eroticism.

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Description of silicone sex doll movies

One day, in a typical neighborhood in Tokyo, the robot is still alive, in the morning. One morning, she wore her favorite clothes and went for a walk. There are all kinds of people around. His favorite job, like being a good boy.

Later, she had a heart...but that didn't change her fate as a dynamite silicone sex doll, her hand deflated after being pierced and saved by an inflator or someone else. Her body is full.

The men and women in the film are the exact same group of people as she is, but the things they enhance are different. Caterers, middle-aged men supplementing children, women supplementing themselves daily by reading newspapers and crime news, video store owners bringing raw eggs and rice daily. My day-to-day life is like an inflatable silicone real doll. I'm getting bigger, fearful of shrinking after being stabbed. I'm cautious and brave. They are a lonely bunch.

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In the movie, a puppet is talking to an old man in the park. In the distance, there are many tall buildings. , the wooden windows are obvious, and the people of the city live there. Build those skyscrapers, just like us, I live now, building this city with countless skyscrapers every day, and I'm always busy.

Being exposed to all kinds of people, we thought we could do it, but we didn't dare to weigh it, because we didn't know if the change was good or bad, it might just be the air in our body, no. You really need a heart.

Later, the inflatable american sex doll was pierced, but after being repaired and filled by a caring man, his breath flowed into her body, and she felt that she had a heart and a support. But a sex doll is still a american love doll, she killed someone she loves, and her last thing is a trash can... just like we're trying to prove the meaning of our lives. , what is life? Maybe no one can tell, I still feel empty after being away for so long.

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Many of these shots are also full of expressions of film language. A middle-aged man in his 40s worked as a waiter in a restaurant for a long time. and expand them. Bath japanese sex doll and inflatable sex dolls XXOO.

At the age of 20, a nude sex doll whose face was turned into a real person. What he likes most is not XXOO, but a fan, loneliness, the wind is blowing so hard, and he does his best... In the eyes of many people, only Japanese actors can shoot this movie. If the cartoon was starring famous actors and the plot was simple, it would be Movie X, but the two actors, Hirokazu Koreeda and Bae Doona, once told us that this movie is not easy. It's weird, this movie is really stupid and there's a philosophy behind it.

"A mini sex doll is a model adult sex toy that can replace a real person to meet sexual needs." The sex doll in the movie has said many times, she knows where her life is, she needs others to enrich it, and she can still enrich it. other. Of course, they were also encouraged by others.

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