This divorced man has a good relationship with the lifelike sex doll.

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in Europe, and so far from us, the most coveted holiday destinations are here. It is such a place, in Berlin, Germany, there is an uncle, he is 40 years old, his name is Dirk. He has a very special "wife" Jenny and they have been together for over four years. This was a crazy idea at the time, even though it was in Europe, known as a developed and open country.

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Dirk's "her" wife is special because it is not a real person, but a highly realistic lifelike sex doll, which Dirk spent a lot of time buying for 6,000 euros (about 47,000 yuan). Think you can buy Jenny's wife, this is true love, the divorced person and his lifelike love doll wife are twisted.

German journalists wired for silicone sex doll

German journalist Sandra and Dirk met through an online exchange platform. After learning about his relationship with the silicone sex doll wife, Sandra decided to do some interviews with him, documenting Dirk's "life" and the silicone real doll's "wife." At the beginning, Dirk was sometimes very protective, and he would not let others talk about his life, for fear that the secret between himself and his wife would be discovered by others and let others say that he was irrational. But after they communicated, Dirk agreed to be interviewed, but asked not to show up with his wife and not to use their real names.

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It turned out that before this, Drake's marriage was not good. He had a child with his ex-wife, but because of his small life and different personalities, he ended up divorced, and his ex-wife stayed behind to have children. , Dirk has come out of this bad marriage, unable to face a new relationship with anyone.

Realised he later bought "Jenny" wife silicone real doll. He was lucky to meet "her", they were very happy and never quarreled over housework. Dirk later learns that he loves Jenny more and decides to marry Jenny for a good relationship and secretly marry at home. Dirk said he was afraid of being alone, and Jenny could accompany him quietly, and he enjoyed this quiet life.

His ex-wife didn't know he had hot sex doll

Nobody knows about it. Although his ex-wife didn't know it, he hid hot sex doll in the attic every day. The place is hidden and not easy to be found by the neighbors. Seems a little weird. Eye. Because now, Dirk still deeply understands that his way of life will not be understood by others, but he hopes to one day see Jenny open in a restaurant or anywhere.

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Jenny is a silicone sex doll, and her skin will start to shrink and age after a few years of use, but Dirk is very focused on cleaning and nourishing her body, using talc powder specially designed to protect the silicone material. From dry. Dirk also pays special attention to his actions and maintains a clean personal hygiene routine every day so as not to harm Jenny's sensitive skin.

For Sandra, a journalist covering Dirk's life, she just wanted to tell Dirk's story and document how people find food when they're alone. At the same time, Yuna's japanese sex doll also want to break people's prejudice against sex dolls through this interview news, treat people with their own outlook on life equally, and everyone has the right to choose their own life path.

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