Treat hot sex doll like wives

His spending on sex dolls is not limited to buying dolls, he often buys clothes, wigs and cosmetics to decorate the sex dolls. Bob said: "I spent tens of thousands of pounds on sex dolls and around £10,000 on clothes, wigs, makeup and jewellery."

Mildred-tender slender glamorous love doll

Never have sex with hot sex dolls

Some of Bob's hot sex doll pose provocatively and wear very playful clothing, but he claims to never use them. "A lot of doll owners have sex with hot sex doll , but I've never had that kind of interest," he said.Bob created a dancing doll using a bendable, articulated metal skeleton and rolling shoes. He was intrigued by the idea of making something very human. And female love dolls are more creative than male love dolls, and there is room for dressing up.

Asian Japanese girl Gustave cute sexy love doll

Wife's opinion on his adoption of sex doll genie

I'm glad his doll collection occupies his wife Liz and even the two bedroom bungalow they share with the bedroom. Bob spends a lot of time with sex doll genie, but "people might think I'm obsessed with sex doll genie. I really like sex dolls. There's nothing special about this hobby." Seriously. "It's not sex either, we love dressing them up as life-size Barbie sex doll genie!"

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