Realistic sex doll need to be re-recognized by everyone

Time flies, there is no time. Following this news, people seem to have discovered new knowledge never seen before. This is a small part of the realistic sex doll industry. A somatosensory puppet appeared and opened quickly and silently in the capital of the country. But their leader appeared in the famous city of Shenzhen. this is new. This is a new attempt and new feature in the realistic love doll industry. It is very important for the first image to be blurred and invisible. The silicone love doll industry can only become important if the public can re-understand the products of the elderly.

Slender Busty Heavy Makeup Love Doll

Love doll sales

Since the first half of this year, online and offline have begun to provide consumers with food every year. Double11, the world's largest consumer event, reflects the popularity of this high priced love dolls. According to an online announcement, the love doll body retailer on the e-commerce platform can sell twelve love doll bodies per day (more than 4,000 to 5,000 transactions per month). , especially shopping at night. There are a few, which are sold from time to time, and the volume of transactions in a week increases particularly fast.
One realisticExpensive Sex Doll sells hundreds of Asian Sex Doll on one platform at midnight and 2:00 in February. On average, one high priced sex doll body is sold every minute, and sales of other Expensive Sex Doll bodies also increase. From this point of view, there are also many consumers who buy realistic sex doll torso bodies. Due to the unique characteristics of the realistic blow up sex doll body, customers are usually "usually quiet". Therefore, in light of this decision, it is recommended that the physical market be worth looking forward to and improving.

Exotic Coquettish Attractive Sexy Love Doll

Silicone Sex Doll tackle male disproportionate

Since the dldollshop doll is a hot-selling product, there has been a lot of news about discarding silicone sex doll in recent years, and many symptoms have appeared on the Internet. . Such sales and word of mouth indicate that market demand is increasing, and consumers' awareness of silicone love doll bodies is also increasing. It can be said that there will not be more and more human chinese silicone sex doll sold worldwide in the next few years. So why are doll bodies so popular? Let's briefly examine why. This question is also a relational question.
There are more and more single people in the world, and the imbalance between men and women will become more pronounced. Human Silicone realistic breast sex doll can give them a choice. Due to the success of some groups, some people started to like real sex hbo doll bodies, but they didn't have any particular hope for real people.

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