German collector with the most skinny sex doll

Bob Gibbins, 70, has been dubbed by others the "Hugh Hefner of the doll community." Bob's house is only a small bungalow, but he packed 300 skinny sex doll into his house.

Hilary-coquettish lifelike sexy alluring love doll

how much he loves his love doll

He enjoys having afternoon tea with the love doll, posing for pictures, and wearing nice clothes. He has spent more than £300,000 on the collection so far, transforming the doll so Bob can dance with her.

Bob is by far the player who has collected the most sex dolls in the world, and his relationship with sex dolls started 10 years ago. I bought a mannequin at the time, but the simple structure didn't fit the bill, so I started looking for more realistic dolls and discovered sex dolls with the rise of the internet.

Coquettish Xaviera 170cm sexy lovely love doll

His wife agrees to him having tpe sex doll

Surprisingly, Bob's wife agreed to such a hobby. Bob said: "I named it Beverly because my wife helped me pick out my first sex doll in 2008 for £2,700. I bought it from the second hand market. The tpe sex doll was the start of my collection ."
Bob now occasionally buys tpe sex doll, including Japan, Europe, America and China, including Una, DDOLL and other brands, ranging from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In addition, there are many cheaper inflatable dolls, the price is about a few hundred yuan.



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