How to put makeup on a asian sex doll

For doll lovers who love sex dolls, the best sex dolls are not just sex toys for them, but they also treat asian sex doll as their family members, friends, and even wives. The truest asian sex doll give them a lot of different warmth and friendship. So they often take their the most perfect asian sex doll out to play, they take pictures of their sexiest asian sex doll wives, change clothes, make up, etc.

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Steps to Putting Makeup on a american love doll

First, you need to know the basics of makeup so that you can use it the right way to make your american love doll the best looking american love doll in the world. When you are putting makeup on your American sex doll, you will find that the skin of the the best american real doll is particularly soft and shiny, like touching a real person, this is the feature of our company, the most sexiest real sex doll. Therefore, the doll does not need foundation to brighten the skin. However, if you're not taking good care of your the most perfect american love dolls, or you're pushing too hard during sex, you may need to use highlighter and foundation to get your sex doll back to life.

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Will using cosmetics damage chinese sex doll?

First of all we assure you that our chinese sex doll is the best sex doll in the world and she will not be damaged by makeup. Here I suggest that you use high-end cosmetics, after all these wife sex dolls are not cheap, and you also want to have a perfect sex experience. To change the appearance of the chinese sex doll, you can use beauty products such as lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, etc. Your chinese love doll can come in many shades, and if you don't know how to wear makeup, you can ask a friend, partner, or anyone who knows how to do it for help. Another way is to watch makeup tutorials to help beginners learn the basics of makeup from scratch in web videos.

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