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There is a two-player game in the world that is played with the hands. This two-player game makes the heart beat faster for the first-time player who jumps and opens his mouth quickly, while one side is ecstatic with embarrassment and shame. Pain while playing games, people cling to it. This side is called M. On the other hand, because of the strong desire for M's sovereignty and obedience to M, the other party has a sense of pleasure. This side is called S. realistic sex doll why this type of game is called SM and the Chinese translation is also sadomasochistic.

The game has been popular for centuries, the emergence of sadomasochism can be traced back to the 17th-18th centuries, and in the following centuries, the basis of sadomasochism has developed greatly, it is no longer just some people, but also Not just special. Activities outside of social life have gradually become an interesting social and cultural phenomenon.

noble pretty lovely love doll

TPE WM Love Doll Element

The popularity of WM subculture also gave us different inspirations. Jingpu Technology has created its own style for dogs, and by doing so, creates a subject that moves according to each dog. Starting from the selection of the realistic wm doll body, height and figure are the first points to be considered. Assuming that the subject of this shooting is a neighbor's girl or a cute girl-style wm love doll, two-dimensional sex doll, loli and other tpe sex doll, we will remove the height first. On 160cm, only choose about 150cm.

And this number is also the focus of our attention. Whether it is small breasts, medium breasts, or large breasts, as long as we need the subject and the environment, we have to choose the subject. This time, we have approved higher heights and more appropriate numbers for the SM theme. .In addition, WM tpe sex dolls, trenches and whips with traditional SM elements are added, which can illuminate the alternative beauty of Xin Yaoyao's head line drawing.

lovely realistic beautiful fascinating love doll

The alternative beauty of the new Yaoyao head sculpt with SM element clothing and accessories is our effort, super realistic realistic love doll's and "S" class makeup. Highly realistic ultra-soft breasts combined with amazing softness, soft lower body and straight breasts, this is a creation made for you.

What exactly is a hyper-realistic european tpe sex doll? We can often tell at a glance whether scratching our head is good or bad. The so-called realism is that when we first see the sex toys anime lolicon dolls's head drawn, it has a sense of harmony and makes you feel that the makeup is great. Naturally incompatible. Plus the micro expressions already made on the face, like a real person. This determines the alignment level of the head. At this point, the thoughts in your head are like a real person. It's a feeling. Surreal.

What is an "S" grade makeup look? S-class makeup is really just two words, thin, in addition to being skilled, it is also thin. Of course, refinement is not just talk, but also standards.

High end big booty sex doll standard

1. Eyes should be cultivated. Only cultivated plants can have a realistic feel. Of course the cheap plastic mesh is exposed when wrapping, which is very controversial. 2. The firmness or visible sensation of the skin on the face that closely resembles real skin, rather than being "perfect", it is more about looking soft and delicate. 3. Whether it is lipstick or blush, it will stay wet after spraying makeup. The thin, shiny face and glossy finish on the lips create all the real feel of the scalp line. With careful makeup, apply the cream to the eyes and in this way bring out the big eyes of the high end sex dolls. 4. There are two types of hair: wigs and curly hair. Better wigs can prevent hair from curling.

attractive high-end slender love doll D Cup

The amazing softness of the super soft breasts with jelly is even more amazing. In the past, improving the breasts of American big booty high end sex dolls has always been a technical difficulty, but the application of jelly-like ultra-soft breasts is a better solution to hand problems. his. Jelly-type super soft breasts are much more supple than before. Very close to real human feeling in terms of softness.

Realistci big booty sex doll lower body tube happens naturally. Through different model structures, cast suitable people to receive different types of body data and tube structures. Then, through the comparison and adjustment of the modeling master, the best channel structure is obtained. When the mold is opened, the channel is added to the coil body, and the single generation will give you the maximum. most primitive. The dog returns to a raw, raw feel with realistic "S"-rated makeup and a real body.

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