Super cold knowledge - do you know how to destroy silicone sex dolls?

Some sites have different questions about sex dolls. For example, the question "How to destroy silicone sex dolls" actually has a lot of views. Not only this urgent need, but every month you see embarrassing and socially deadly news scenes. How to destroy a sex doll really matters. We're here to give you a fulcrum.

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1. Environmental protection destroys silicone sex dolls:

First prepare a knife, scissors, and a hammer, cut the material with a knife, then segment, and then cut the segment to separate it from the skeleton. After separating all the ingredients, use scissors to cut them into small pieces. Of course, you can also cut with a knife. At this time, the skeleton is left. The joint structure of the skeleton is relatively fragile and can be broken open silicone sex dolls with a hammer.

At this point, the disassembly is complete. Broken things were packed in garbage bags, and broken skeletons were tied up with ropes. Materials are thrown into non-recyclable trash cans, and skeletons can be sold to uncles who collect waste. This approach not only fully implements the concept of environmental protection, but also avoids deadly news scenes and unnecessary panic. It saves time and effort, is very reliable and highly recommended.

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2. Non-environmentally damaging sex dolls:

If in the suburbs of cities or villages, violent demolition and destruction can be carried out directly. Be careful not to throw it away, because the japanese sex doll is prone to unnecessary panic.

First, find an empty spot and use a tool to knock out the sex doll's joints, forcing them to fold together. Gather and stack nearby hay and dry branches, prepare water, pull up the firebreak, and place the hay on the torch.

After the material is burned, sprinkle water on it to put out the fire, shovel soil, add water and mix well, cover the charred skeleton, and complete the destruction work. Incinerators produce a large amount of pollutants, which do not meet environmental protection requirements, are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and are not recommended for use.

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The above two methods of destruction wm sex doll are relatively simple and do not have strict requirements. However, since the dolls have been together for a while, they can also find the next owner through second-hand platforms and give it to the next owner. This allows you to avoid trouble and regain some value.



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