The development of realistic sex doll (6)

Many people say that realistic sex toy such doll are not good and will bring bad social atmosphere, but what I want to say is that I am not a kind of person who thinks like this. I think that food sex is also the initial starting point for ordinary people. They want to have a realistic sex doll to accompany every night, but the reality is that they are still single, that kind of loneliness, and now they want to buy a realistic sex toyes silicone doll to solve their emptiness and physical needs at night, why not? What follows for you is the development of realistic love doll.

slender busty heavy makeup love doll

BBWAnatomy Sex Doll

The previous bbw sex dolls may not be called real bbw anatomical sex dolls. Most of them have little to do with real people, and the materials are also very poor. In 1995, with the development of science and technology, human beings have higher and higher requirements for the production of bbw sex toys anime dolls, and the first bbw anatomical sex doll was born. She is an inflatable sex toys with movement full size dolls. She takes the form of a sheep, otherwise known as an anatomically correct inflatable sheep, called Love Ewe. She doesn't function like a current bbw sex doll, which is sold primarily as a prank gift, not sex.

cute beautiful alluring Paula love doll

The emergence of 160cm real-life cast sex dolls

Matt McMullan used to be a businessman who made Halloween masks for a living. After seeing sheep 160cm sex dolls, he saw this business opportunity, so he gave up his original business and turned to the 160cm sex toys for men doll fucking market. In 1996 he created the first 160cm "realistic" sex doll in history. Her name is Leah. The biggest difference to this 160cm sex toys for men mp4 doll is that it has a poseable PVC skeleton with steel joints and silicone flesh. They were once known as the most realistic, state-of-the-art mannequins.

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The development of realistic sex doll (5)

The development of realistic sex doll (4)

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The development of lifelike sex doll (2)

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