The war between love doll makers

It's a window period for love doll makers, so they're fighting. However, after the market war, the situation of competing for dominance in the world and competing against each other did not appear, and the confident sex digging manufacturers fell into unified competition. Manufacturers are losing their place due to the inconsistent classification standards and prices of artificial love dolls, and various leather goods manufacturers and small workshops are adopting a "low American price" strategy.

Gwendolyn-elegant noble mature sexy love doll

A price war between teen sex doll brands

Chinese sex doll manufacturers can't beat the price competition, can they rely on advertising to achieve greater breakthroughs? Unfortunately, in reality, the major sex doll makers are very conservative in their advertising, while the most popular internet platforms impose strict restrictions on their teen sex doll content.

Poppy-glamorous alluring attractive love doll

School girl sex doll are rarely sold offline

Most manufactured school girl sex doll makers have no offline selling points and do not offer additional services for their replica sex doll products. Simulation sex dolls belong to the category of "department stores", but due to the different materials and process routes of major sex brands, they are made of composite materials such as silicone and TPE, and they are still "invisible".



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