Who invented lifelike sex doll

Since the advent of the lifelike sex doll, people have been using it as an accessory for singles nights. But who invented them? Why were these toys invented? To find out where they came from, we at dldollshop have done a lot of research and now tell you the origin of these lifelike sex doll, here's everything we all know...  

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Who Invented hot sex doll?

When you search for who invented the hot sex doll, you will find that there are various answers on the Internet. Some people say that Hitler invented the hot sex doll, some people say that the Koreans invented the hot sex doll, and some people say that the Dutch invented the hot sex doll. For these answers We at dldollshop disagree. After many verifications and explorations, we have sorted out the following relatively reliable answers:

The Dutch invented the Asian Sex Doll

The earliest Asian Sex Doll came from the Dutch. At that time, the Netherlands was a big maritime country. They would be very lonely during long-distance sea voyages, so they used cloth Asian Sex Doll to relieve sexual tension.
The first recorded enlarged Asian Sex Doll appeared in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch's book Sex in Our Time. Published in 1908, the book described irontech sex dollused for sexual purposes. After the sexual revolution of the late 1960s, irontech sex doll were no longer the exclusive product of Dutch sailors, and major irontech sex doll advertisements began to appear in magazines, allowing you to choose irontech sex doll with different hair colors and designs to meet the needs of customers.

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Hitler created black sex doll

During World War II, Hitler ordered the supply of black sex doll to German soldiers fighting on the front lines in order to address the sexuality of German soldiers. According to rumors, the Borghild project was designed to combat the spread of syphilis in the Nazi army by supplying lads with black sex doll. Presumably, the project was inspired by Heinrich Himmler's memo to Hitler in 1940 about a syphilis problem in prostitution establishments in Paris. "The greatest danger in Paris is the pervasive and uncontrolled presence of prostitutes," the paper said.
Presumably, Hitler approved the project to supply celebrity sex doll to soldiers, who carried the celebrity sex doll in backpacks to keep them from Paris brothels.

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Hitler allegedly approved the project, and the designers intended to create a sex celebrity sex doll- or "female robot" - under the supervision of Franz Chackert of the German Hygiene Museum.
The lack of evidence to support the theory led to it being seen as a hoax in the early 2000s.
Until now, the employees of the German Hygiene Museum had not recalled a project that once existed when asked.

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