World's most expensive sex doll

The high priced lifelike sex doll we sell are expensive, especially in this collection. Your mistresses are amazing, in terms of looks, body and sex skills, but these realistic love dolls are expensive, very expensive! ! Their prices will send shudders to many buyers. The most expensive real dolls will be outstanding models with a high degree of exclusivity in their chosen category. Its main defining characteristics have always been high-end and advanced, so these high end sex dolls offer absolute performance. Despite the exorbitant price tag, super expensive sex dolls also vary widely in price, depending on the exact nature and brand of their model and, of course, the material.

What is the difference between high priced love dolls

These most expensive sex dolls are all lifelike sex dolls and are the most popular and hottest products on the market. Companies around the world are racing to create the most realistic humanoid male playthings. Of course, these high-end products are not only suitable for sex, but also include medical, modeling and other industries. As for why female sex dolls are so expensive, I think it depends on the brand, country, material. Next, let us elaborate on these points:

Costly Real Doll Brand

At present, the more popular full size real doll brands on the market include wm sex doll brand, sanhui sex doll brand, irontech sex doll brand and so on. Among the many brands, the sanhui brand is relatively expensive. Their workmanship is quite fine, from the tips of the hair to the toenails, showing their professionalism. Secondly, most of the products of this brand are high priced sanhui silicone love doll.

Pricey Sex Doll Material

Material is the most important factor in determining the price of a sex doll. Generally speaking, we will say expensive silicone sex dolls and TPE cheap sex doll, because most expensive silicone love dolls are more stable, more durable, and feel closer to real people when making love. Of course, the raw material of silicone is also more expensive, so these high priced silicone sex dolls are very popular.

Pricy Love Doll Nation

Expensive japanese love doll can be more expensive than European or American sex doll. As the most developed sex industry country in the world, Japan is very professional in the production of sex dolls. The biggest feature of these products is that they are realistic and cute.

176 製品

176 製品