What is a half sex doll

Our dldollshop sells a wide variety of products including realistic sex doll and torso sex dolls. As the name suggests, realistic sex dolls are sex dolls that resemble real people, intact from head to toe.Full dry sex dolls are incomplete bodies.There are many categories of life size torso sex doll, including realistic sex doll head, sex doll bottom half, sex doll butt and so on. Their biggest advantage is that they are good for hiding. If you want to own a sex doll, but are afraid of being discovered by your family, then this series of full size torso sex doll is not to be missed.

Advantages of real doll torso

1. The price is lower
Half body tpe sex dolls torso are cheap sex dolls. Generally speaking, the price of products made of tpe material will be lower. Secondly, the half-body product requires less material, which is one of the reasons for the low price. So you can find under $500 sex dolls in this collection.
2. Conducive to hiding
Compared with full body dolls, bottom half sex doll are more suitable for hidden sex toys. When you go out or don't want to use it, you can throw it in the cabinet or just cover it with a quilt. In the dead of night, take your tpe sex doll torso out of the closet and fuck your sex doll passionately.

Benefits of lower body sex doll:

Clinical trials have shown that sex can prevent depression. This is because orgasms produce hormones that lower blood sugar levels and release tension. If you don't have a sexual partner then this can be a problem. Not having a sexual partner and meaning only masturbation, not only doesn't improve our well-being, it's also physically harmful. The half torso hairy sex doll we sell are great sex machines, they are more effective at reducing stress and bringing pleasure because you can use them at any time of the day or night. They are easy to store, feel like having sex with a real person, and are less expensive than regular sex dolls. While they may not provide the same emotional connection as tiny sex doll anal, they do provide the same sexual connection.

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11 製品