How to heat the doll that can pronounce?
1. When the charger is plugged in, it will light up when it is on.
2. The heating wire is from the chest to the ankle, and the arm has no heating wire.
3. When the temperature of the internal heating wire reaches 70 degrees, it will automatically cut off the power to avoid damage to the doll due to excessive temperature and play a protective role.
4. In order to obtain higher temperature, it needs to be heated repeatedly for more than 30 minutes, but we recommend heating for about 10 minutes. It does not need high temperature to avoid damage to the doll. It takes time for the internal heat to be transmitted to the skin surface through the TPE layer. Not plug and hot.
5. The pronunciation heating should avoid direct cleaning in the bathtub, and the water will be short-circuited.

What is the difference between TPE and silicone?
Advantages of TPE dolls:
1. Cheap (from $700 to $2000)
2, high softness, the closest to the real human skin feeling, full of elasticity.
3. Light weight and easy to move.
4, safe and environmentally friendly, no harm to the human body.
Disadvantages: deformation at high temperatures, can not withstand temperatures higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 ° C)
Advantages of silicone dolls:
1, no odor at all, safe for the human body, let you intimate contact, rest assured love
2. The material density is high, it is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and it is durable.
3, the material is stable, not easy to oxidize and age.
4. The skin texture of the hands and feet is clearly visible and the fidelity is higher.
Disadvantages: higher cost, slightly more expensive (usually above $ 2,000)
What is the touch of a sex doll?
The skin of our sex play is very close to human skin. There are currently two sex dolls made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. They are very soft and elastic.